This year has challenged everyone on how to be resilient and face adversity head-on as chapter leaders. Your chapter leaders have established skills that will be used for the rest of their lives. Fraternal leadership prepares men to change the world and make an impact in their communities long after graduation. We shall ensure that the next men who take over for the chapter are prepared to face those challenges and lead during an essential time in our Fraternity’s history. As the election process approaches, the International Fraternity is here to help through the chapter’s next steps in preparing for 2021. Virtual Nominations and Elections can be done efficiently with the right resources and a “how-to guide” to assist with that process. To better prepare the chapter in this process, we recommend the following:

Virtual Election Prep 

  • Identify leaders– Finalize men in good academic and financial standing to be eligible to run for any position. It is essential to ensure men are taking care of themselves before leading a chapter.
  • Interest Form – Create a virtual document to nominate potential officers running for election which outlines eligibility criteria, officer positions, and other pertinent chapter information
  • Nominations – Follow Roberts Rules of Order/Chapter Bylaws
    • Robert’s Rules of Order
      • Week 1, New Business – Announce eligible candidates who submitted interest forms, proceed with additional nominations, close new business and move to old business during the next chapter meeting.
      • Week 2, Old Business – State the eligible candidates from previous meeting’s new business, proceed with additional nominations, close old business
      • Week 3, Old Business/Voting – State the eligible candidates, finalize elections slate, and proceed to chapter voting.
Code V. Section 5. E
“To be eligible to hold an elected position as a chapter officer, a student member must be in good standing with the host institution, and he must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.7 on a 4.0 scale.”

Election Process

  • Establish quorum
  • Identify the eligibility to vote – Good academic and financial standing
  • Vote to confirm slate that is proposed
  • Begin and repeat the following election process beginning with President until the end of Slate.
    • Appoint a meeting host who can place candidates into a waiting room via Zoom
    • Speeches of candidates
    • Vote
    • Welcome men back from the waiting room into chapter meeting
    • Congratulate and Complete the Installation of Officers Ceremony (See Ritual Book)
  • Transition using this guidance