New Member Education

Pi Kappa Alpha new member education is now available in video form. Each new member educational presentation has a video with a comprehensive review of the material. This allows for more time to be spent engaging with the new members and less time dealing with presentations! These videos are available to all chapters and colonies on PIKE Place. 

The session titles include: 

  • New Member Orientation 
  • Intro to PIKE Values and PIKE History 
  • Chapter Structure and Organization 
  • International Fraternity and Traditions & Symbols 

What to do

If your chapter or colony chooses to use these videos in your new member education program, please consider the following recommendations: 

  • An example of the recommended use of these videos includes – assigning a video to be watched prior to a prescheduled meeting where the new member educator can review the material, debriefing activities, and answer any questions. The remainder of the meeting can then be focused on brotherhood or developmental activities. 
  • In general, the new member educator and/or committee should familiarize themselves with the content and activities contained within. 
  • It is highly encouraged to review the Fraternity Standards and the Chapter Statement of Position on Hazing with the new members in a separate meeting. 
  • All chapter or colony specific information including but not limited to dues, operations, or member expectations should be communicated by the new member education committee. 


The following resources can be accessed through the myPIKE Resource Center: 

  • Video Review Questions – A full list of review questions from the video material. 
  • Overview of Updated Resources – Document reviewing updated resources and further considerations for a virtual new member education program. 
  • Calendar/Schedule of Events – A calendar/schedule of events template with instructions and an example/sample calendar for review. 
  • Garnet and Gold Handbook – Garnet and Gold Handbooks have been made available online for FREE by download via PIKE Protect.

Session 1: New Member Orientation

Session 2: Intro to PIKE History & Values

Session 3: Chapter Structure and Organization

Session 4: International Fraternity & Traditions and Symbols